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Are you ready to sell a used or damaged car for cash? Start now and receive an instant cash offer by completing our online form. We at CarsEqualCash make car sales simple, rewarding, and convenient.

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    Sell Your Car Today

    Sell Your Car Hassle Free with CarsEqualCash!

    Selling your car has never been easier than with CarsEqualCash. Agree the price, collect the same day (or at a time to suit you) and receive the payment. Say goodbye to difficult negotiations and never-ending paperwork.

    Fast Collections

    Same day collections possible or at a day and time to suit you

    We work at hours that suit you

    We offer car collections 7 days a week.
    No Fee for Your Instant Payment

    No Fee for Your Online Payment

    We at CarsEqualCash support fairness and honesty. Because of this, when you sell your car to us, there are no additional costs or hidden fees. You’ll also get your money fast and easily by cash or bank transfer.
    Safe and Secure Car Sale

    Safe and Secure Car Sale

    Our priorities are your security and safety. You can be sure that your transaction will be handled with the highest care and professionalism when you sell your car to CarsEqualCash. We take every safety measure to guarantee a private and safe transaction.
    We Want Any Car

    We Want Any Car

    We would be interested in purchasing your vehicle, (complete cars, vans or SUV’s) regardless of its make, model, or condition. CarsEqualCash will provide you with a stress-free selling experience and a fair price no matter whether your car is outdated, broken, or just no longer functional for your needs.

    Sell Your Car at Its True Market Value

    We at CarsEqualCash are committed to giving you the best possible price for the car you have. We promise to provide you the best price that takes into account the current market trends, no matter whether the model is a well-liked one or a rare find.

    We Guarantee a Top Price for All Makes and Models

    Sell Your Car for Cash

    Sell Your Van for Cash

    CarsEqualCash will purchase any van, no matter how old or how well-maintained. Take advantage of free collection services when you sell your van to us for a great price. Turn your old van into cash right now instead of letting it collect dust.

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    Sell Your Car for Cash

    Damaged/Older Cars

    Get the best deal for your car, don’t let age or damage stop you. No matter the age, CarsEqualCash buys cars with major and minor damage. Give us your old or damaged car to sell for the best cash available.


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    Sell Your Car for Cash

    Salvage My Car

    Need to sell that salvage car you own? There’s nowhere else to look. For salvage cars, CarsEqualCash provides reasonable and truthful prices. Give us your salvage car, and we’ll pay you a fair price for it.


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    Sell Your Car for Cash

    Non-Runner/MOT Failures

    Own a vehicle that is non-operational or has failed its MOT? Give it to CarsEqualCash, and we’ll come pick it up at no cost. A convenient and profitable solution is here to replace the headache of dealing with non-running vehicles.

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    Get an Instant Quote

    Sell Your Scrap Car / End of life vehicles (ELV’s)

    With CarsEqualCash, you can get money for your scrap car or van. We guarantee a hassle-free selling process and the best prices for vehicles nearing the end of their useful life. Certificates of Destruction available upon request.

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    Buy My Car – Now!

    Here’s why you should choose CarsEqualCash

    • Instant Cash Offers: Say goodbye to long discussions and waiting around for people who might want to buy your car. With CarsEqualCash, you get a good cash offer for your car right away, without any delay.
    • No Hassle, No Obligation: Selling your car should be easy. That’s why we’ve made our process simple with hardly any paperwork and no pressure. You only accept our offer when you’re completely ready.
    • Super Fast collection: We could collect your vehicle within hours. Don’t wait days or weeks for other companies to visit. Get money in your pocket the same day.
    • Fair and Transparent: Our team of professionals performs a comprehensive evaluation of your vehicle to provide you a reasonable and clear offer. To make sure you get the best deal, we consider things like age, condition, and market value.
    • Customer Satisfaction: Your happiness is what matters most to us. We work hard to make sure selling your car to CarsEqualCash is easy, quick, and leaves you satisfied. Let us take care of everything so you can concentrate on what’s important to you.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I sell my car for cash?

    Yes, absolutely! At CarsEqualCash, we specialise in buying cars for cash. It’s the easiest and quickest way to turn your car into cash.

    Where is the best place to sell your car?

    CarsEqualCash is the best place to sell your car. We offer top prices, hassle-free transactions, and free collection services. Plus, we buy complete cars of all makes, models, and conditions.

    Will you buy my car for cash?

    Yes, we will!  Payment by bank transfer is also available should you prefer.

    Why should I sell my car to Car Equal Cash?

    Selling your car to CarsEqualCash guarantees you a fair price, hassle-free transaction, and instant cash payment. Plus, we offer free collection services, making the process convenient for you.

    What type of vehicles do Car Equal Cash buy?

    We buy all types of  cars, vans, SUVs, Whether your vehicle is new, old, damaged, or non-runner, we’ll make you an offer.

    Will I get a good price for selling a damaged car?

    Yes, you will! CarsEqualCash evaluates each damaged car individually and offers a fair price based on its condition. You can trust us to provide you with the best possible offer for your damaged car.

    Where should I scrap my car for the best price?

    You can scrap your car with CarsEqualCash for the best price. We offer competitive rates for end-of-life vehicles and ensure a hassle-free scrapping process. Certificates of Destruction (CoD’s) available upon request.

    How to sell a car for cash safely

    Selling your car for cash safely is simple with CarsEqualCash. We handle all transactions professionally and securely, ensuring your safety and peace of mind throughout the process.

    How do I sell a car that doesn’t start?

    Selling a car that doesn’t start is easy with CarsEqualCash. Simply contact us, and we’ll arrange for a free collection. We’ll still offer you a fair price for your non-running car.

    Sell my car quickly – How It Works

    Submit Your Car Details: Just complete our easy online form with the right info about your car. Tell us the make, model, year, and its condition. That’s all!

    Receive Your Offer: Within just a few minutes, you’ll get a cash offer for your car that’s based on the details you gave us. Our offers are fair, competitive, and made specifically for your car.

    Accept the Offer: Take your time to check out the offer. If you’re happy with it, just say yes, and we’ll take care of the rest. No rush, and no pressure to go ahead if you’re not ready.

    Schedule Pickup:: Once you agree to our offer, we’ll arrange a time to pick up your car that works best for you. 7 days a week at a time to suit you.

    Get Paid: When our team comes to get your car, we’ll take care of all the paperwork and give you cash right there and then. It’s as easy as that! If you prefer a bank transfer we can do that too with no extra charges.

    We accept damaged, write offs and unwanted vehicles
    We will pick up your vehicle when it suits you
    Instant payment!
    We accept salvage, scrap, MOT failures and later model cars
    Certificates of destruction issued upon request
    Same day service